Raised Plastic Oval License Plates

Raised Plastic Oval License Plates | Oval-Plate

Hit the road with your brand! These 3-D raised plastic oval license plates will get anyone and everyone's attention. This license plate is made from high impact polystyrene plastic, molded to give definition and followed by a hot stamping process for further definition. These truly amazing license plates will look excellent with your company logo, brand name, or custom message prominently featured on the imprint surface.

 Raised Plastic Oval License Plate

Black Plate w/ 1 Color Imprint$2.33$2.20$2.07$1.93$1.805R
Extra Imprint Color$0.31$0.31$0.25$0.25$0.255V
Chrome Imprint$0.31$0.31$0.31$0.31$0.315V
Colored Plate$0.31$0.31$0.31$0.31$0.315V
Mold Charge$155.00$155.00$155.00$155.00$155.005V


Production Time: 8-10 Weeks   Pink Imprint $0.37 (V)

Color options include: navy, royal blue, red, grey or white     Available in European, Motorcycle or Car Plate sizes also.    Molds are stored for 3 years.



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